Sky Chari

Growing up in NJ and eating the standard American diet (SAD), I remember always feeling disconcerted by eating animals, but had no idea what I would eat if I stopped!  As I got older, I could make my own decisions about food, and decided at age 12 to never eat meat again.  From there, it was a long process (I ate A LOT of pizza) to being mostly vegan and then finally fully vegan at age 20.  Since then, I have tried out all the ways of vegan eating – raw, macrobiotic, fruitarian, nutritarian, etc – and have found the balance that works for me.  I have seen my health improve, my stamina increase and, more importantly to me, my values align with my actions.    

I also, like many women, dabbled with an eating disorder in my 20’s.  My compulsive overeating was a tough thing to overcome, but it also makes me uniquely qualified to help others with food addiction and binging.  I have come to love myself and my body, and it is my wish that every other person on this planet feel the same for themselves.  You are beautiful, amazing, AND you deserve to eat good food!  

Food issues or not, I know this transition can be a hard road to go down, and that's why I attended New York's Main Street Vegan Academy in 2016 to become certified as a coach.  In the program, I not only learned the latest nutrition information, but the myriad reasons we humans should be eating a plant-based diet... along with all the reasons it can be challenging to do so! Nothing makes me happier than to walk this path arm in arm with my clients. I’ve been where you are, and with my extensive experience, I’ve helped people just like you stick with their goals and develop an entirely new outlook on life based on the joy of eating food that is good for the body, the planet, and the animals.  Let’s find some plant-based joy together!