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VLCE, Main Street Vegan Academy certified


I'm here to guide you,

whether you’re ready to transition to a fully vegan lifestyle, or just want more information on plant-based living.

From small changes (what are the best fruits and veggies to add to my diet for optimal nutrition?) to big ones (I’m going vegan all the way – help me find a good vegan caterer and make sure I get enough of the right nutrients and what about cute non-leather shoes?!?), I’m your gal. 

Do you want to eat to compete (get the mental and physical edge you’ve always wanted), eat to defeat (prevent and reverse common diseases), and eat to be sweet (to your body, the animals, and our planet)?  I’m here to help.  


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For the past 8 years, Sky has continually and consistently provided me advice and insight on healthy lifestyle choices.
— Tracy Solan

Sky inspiration. Period. I believe that to be one of her primary callings in life. Her energy and spirit can be felt a million miles away, and her smile lights up a room.
— Dawn Jeffrion

Sky sets a wonderful, easy-going example of life on the veggie side. If you are seeking a coach to get you past any doubts or hesitation about eating only vegetable matter, Sky is the one!
— Mary Schmidt



In need of a little (or a lot) of information for inspiration?  In these half hour or hourly meetings  - either by phone/skype or in person - we will set long and short-term goals and discuss strategies, as well as tips and tricks, to reach them.  

Kitchen and Pantry Makeover: 

Unsure what should stay and what should go?  Need help organizing your space so that healthy choices become the default? This is my expertise!  

Grocery Store Tutorials

No idea where the organic produce lives?  Not even sure how to pronounce quinoa, let alone find it?  I’m the grocery store wizard you’re looking for!  


Love and appreciate



About Me


Growing up in NJ and eating the standard American diet (SAD), I remember always feeling disconcerted by eating animals, but had no idea what I would eat if I stopped!  As I got older, I could make my own decisions about food, and decided at age 12 to never eat meat again.  From there, it was a long process (I ate A LOT of pizza) to being mostly vegan and then finally fully vegan at age 20.  Since then, I have tried out all the ways of vegan eating – raw, macrobiotic, fruitarian, nutritarian, etc – and have found the balance that works for me.  I have seen my health improve, my stamina increase and, more importantly to me, my values align with my actions. Read more →



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