"When I accepted a ten-day plant-based eating challenge after attending Tony Robbins' UPW last November, I immediately felt excited and overwhelmed. As someone who loves to cook and try new recipes, I suddenly felt lost and knew I would need help to make the 10 days more exciting.
I had known Sky socially and was aware of her personal experience with vegan lifestyle and her certification as a wellness coach, demonstrating her commitment to helping others along this journey. I figured she could help me understand the way forward and contacted her as I was making my way home from UPW.
Our first meeting was just what I needed! Educational, relational, and hands on, Sky provided much needed info and insights, helped me troubleshoot perceived barriers, and included invaluable pantry inventory and trip to the market. There, I realized plant-based ingredients hiding in plain sight - both in and out of the produce section. I relied on her experience and recommendations to overcome the many choices I now faced...about nut milks, alone!
In addition, Sky directed me to key resources for plant-based cooking and baking. These resources provided the structure I needed to move forward. The tasty results were echoed by friends whose compliments and empty plates provided confidence that ten days could become 30.
It's now been four months.
This one change has opened up so many other positive changes in my life. I've even selected a primary care physician who, during a year-long sabbatical, attended culinary school and is a big proponent of plant-based eating - even offering cooking classes! Foodie friends are now embracing plant-based recipes when I'm part of the crowd. And, I've become a more informed consumer and citizen - something particularly important to me at this time.
Thank you, Sky, for being a great teacher and resource."
-Maurine Coco
"I loved working with Sky for so many reasons. First, I feel like she's my connection into the "Vegan Mafia". Girl knows a lot about everything, and she's connected everywhere. Sky has referred me to my now favorite vegan dining spots in San Francisco, Berkeley AND New York City. She's helped me revolutionize my diet as well as my thinking about being both an Athlete and being Vegan. I asked tough but important questions like "what is the best gourmet vegan cheese?" or "what vegan alternative milk will stand up to coffee and make a good latte?" and "what's a good vegan burger even my husband will go crazy for?". Sky has had the right answer every time. I've also never felt judged - not even for my slips at Thanksgiving or while traveling; and Sky doesn't push a militant vegan agenda. Sky listens; and she offers facts and most important - easy to incorporate solutions. I'm mostly sticking with my vegan diet, and I've gone completely vegetarian because of Sky. Sky has made it easy for this very particular and once stuck on 'I need my animal protein to be healthy' eater. "
-Michelle Cordero
I’ve known Sky for a long while and always knew the personal success she had with her vegan lifestyle however I, as is too often the case, didn’t think of it for myself until I had gotten some bad health news. For a while I went the heavy medication route to deal with the issues I was facing, but that only led to side effects and minimal results. I thought of Sky at this point, and decided to turn to her for her guidance, and I couldn’t be happier. With the information she brought to me, coupled with her encouragement and her passion for ethical health and well-being, what I originally looked at as treating a sickness, has become an exciting way of life that I wouldn’t dream of going back on. My health problems are now under control and I’ve lost over 60 pounds in the last year without trying as well. Beyond that, even though I came to this for my own health issues, her determination to educate about the abuse and cruelty associated with the animal foods industry has opened my eyes to issues I was blind to before, not just affecting the animals but the human population as a whole and our planet’s environment. I would say, if you are looking to move to a vegan lifestyle, whether for ethical concerns, health concerns or any reason in between, Sky can help you land on your feet comfortably and hit the ground running in a big way!
— Aslan Grealis
Sky Chari...an inspiration. Period. I believe that to be one of her primary callings in life. Her energy and spirit can be felt a million miles away, and her smile lights up a room. That is Sky...the girl...the vegan girl...I was a bit concerned when Sky was the person who picked the restaurants we would go to, because I was worried that I would not be able to eat anything, not being vegan and all...But pardon me.....I was hooked when she introduced me to sautéed Chick Peas.....and sautéed Brussels Sprouts...The food was amazing...Until that day…I thought I was a healthy eater...but something triggered me to pay attention, to savor, to take healthy living to another level. I have. Sky will do many wonderful things for people, and she will touch their hearts in ways she will never imagine.
— Dawn Jeffrion
I was vegetarian for 10 years already when I met Sky, but I hadn’t really connected the cruelty of the dairy/egg industries to how I felt about eating meat. I didn’t eat much of either outright, but didn’t think about it in the other foods I bought. I was also someone who she probably heard many times say, “I couldn’t go vegan because I like cheese too much.” While never being preachy, Sky would pass on information about the industries and treatment of animals in those production facilities. We also enjoyed delicious vegan food whenever we went to eat together. I finally woke up to how animals were treated to produce the milk for that cheese I enjoyed so much, and the chickens that were sacrificed for the eggs I ate. I was visiting Sky in SF almost a decade ago when I finally decided to take the leap. I went vegan after that visit and never looked back. Sky was always there to offer me advice on vitamins and nutritional needs when I first went vegan, and has since always let me know when good vegan options came on the market. A lot has changed in 10 years for me, but I have stayed plant-based, and I’m now raising a vegan child! I don’t feel deprived and neither does he, and with Sky’s help, I feel that I’m doing my part to live a compassionate life that is better for me and our planet.
— Shelley Zatsky
Sky Chari is the person who inspired me to go vegetarian. I will never be vegan: like Venus Williams, I will always be “chegan” (cheating vegan) because I like butter too much. But Sky’s research and knowledge of how to feed yourself without eating other creatures will inspire you to eat less or no meat, dairy, fish, etc. With Sky there is gentle persuasion and conversation, never a lecture. Sky sets a wonderful, easy-going example of life on the veggie side. If you are seeking a coach to get you past any doubts or hesitation about eating only vegetable matter, Sky is the one!
— Mary Schmidt
For the past 8 years, Sky has continually and consistently provided me advice and insight on healthy lifestyle choices. From motivating me to choose plant-based foods, to advice on new healthy products, to encouraging me to exercise (my body and mind), her enthusiasm for living a healthy, clean life to the fullest extent is contagious (and admirable)! Her endless supply of compassion, care and positivity is truly a gift.
— Tracy Solan